Margo's Flower Essences

Flower Essences are made in nature to capture the essence of the flower and its gifts for human- animal- and plant-kind. They are used like homoeopathic remedies, taken by drops under the tongue, and are preserved in 25% brandy. These are made from my 28-year old perennial flower garden in Redding, and are upgraded with the help of the Devas of Nature, the 4 Elements in Nature, and my spirit guides. My flower essences have influence on the entire being, although mainly on the psychological/emotional/spiritual aspects of being.
Flower Essences Pouch

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The Flowers


Allium ~

This tall purple globe-like flower is helpful when you are going through a difficult situation and cannot see ‘the whole picture’. When muddled and confused mentally, Allium can help you get past self-demeaning judgments and self-pitying thoughts and feelings so you can see ‘the forest through the trees” and not be overwhelmed.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.


Clematis ~

The dark purple star-like quality of this flower is a choice when issues about freedom and responsibility are in your life. Letting go of ‘old’ obligations so new choices can be made is possible without fears interrupting your heart & mind. Realizing that the consequences as well as choices can be freely chosen brings a fresh look at what true responsibility can mean.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.

Coral Bells

Coral Bells ~

This flower helps to open your heart to hope, as the springy-peach flowers magically stand atop their ground-hugging leaves. When you need perseverance and persistence to accompany a new project; also good for savoring sweet remembrances and allowing anniversary reactions to losses of the past to be felt without heartache.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.


Delphinium ~

This light purple and blue flower is helpful to allow more space in your life for happiness to lift to joy. Celebrating your successes helps in developing the recognition of your talents and assist you in moving on to the next area of productivity in your life with a feeling of willingness and pride.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.


Siberian Iris ~

This flower eases feelings of despair and grief, even if it is ‘old’ grief, and the sadness can be released, finally. Any feelings of guilt attached to past events can also be brought up to the surface and resolved with a sense of closure; finding the ‘jewels’ in the rough stories of the past experiences.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.

Pink Roses

Small Pink Rose ~

This beautiful vine of buds helps to heal the wounded child within, letting them know they are loveable; for those beginning to explore their emotions the flower can help develop a foundation of security in the exploration. This flower can also convey a sense of trust in nature, which is available to humankind for support, resources, and collaboration.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.

Lilly of the Valley

Lilly of the Valley ~

This flower is good to help build trust and a sense of humility, a sense that all things CAN be brand new, with an openness of heart and mind. Spirituality can be through connection with the elements, especially the earth element; and the qualities of humility such as forgiveness, gentleness, and innocence. Helps to release regrets, soften feelings of loss, and lighten nostalgia.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.

Passion Flower

Passion Flower ~

This multi-dimensional vine helps to create an awareness of beauty, awe, and innocence in one's being. Erasing fears of the Unknown, the passion flower, of course, excites passion, courage, enthusiasm, and curiosity for traveling between levels of consciousness.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.


Pink Peony ~

This astounding blossom gives us the ability to transform and transmute passion, desire, an exhilarating mania, even--into productive states. This flower also assists in the separation and individuation process from "Mother"--leading the way to acceptance of the Goddess as a nurturing support in our lives.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.


Pansy ~

This pansy can help to erase negative self-talk such as "I can't..." or "I never..." or "I won't be able to..." and bring the opposites into view-your abilities, talents, and strengths. The visioning for new future dreams is assisted and uplifted towards your 6th and 7th chakras, including fears of the aging process.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.


Poppy ~

This flower brings joy into your resonance-joy for your life, the beauty and intensity of nature, and the happiness you can inspire in others around you. The poppy helps restore a balance of emotions, if you are 'stuck" in imprisoning, repetitive patterns, this flower can, for example, spin bitterness into hope and lessen helplessness, allowing space for the breathe of change.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.


Spiderwort ~

When there is a need to release obsessions, addictions, and childhood beliefs that no longer serve us, this flower can assist our recognition of these thoughts/feelings. The rut of these patterns, the mental "grip" of unwelcome thoughts can be softened, so fresh, positive, and relevant, self-chosen beliefs can be established.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.

Thyme ~

These tiny, tiny blossoms give us the ability to forgive our own mistakes, and those of our loved ones. Helps with healing old resentments and in understanding the lessons of small failures. Retrieving the gifts from past memories and experiences can aid in dealing with loneliness, longing, or fears of being alone.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.


Lobelia ~

When facing the dark shadow to find its hidden treasures in the light, this flower can be useful if we run into helplessness and hopelessness. The dark night of the soul can be scary; use this essence to integrate the energy bound up in negativity such as jealousy, envy, and the desire to enact revenge--and transform this energy into raw power for creating positive futures.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen's Anne Lace ~

The signature of this amazing, stately flower deepens the complexity of any issue as we strive to understand, know, and use the intricacy for increased self-awareness. When generational history is bogging us down, we can lift free, while grasping the intention of the past to teach us about being an artisan: patience with humility; discipline with conviction; and concentration with intensity; all combining, with practice, to enhance the path of excellence within us.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.

Russian Sage

Russian Sage ~

The gift of this flower is to help you connect with the earth, with your roots, your root emotions--to be less scattered/overwhelmed and focus on your core issues. Sage helps to soften emotional armoring and decrease mental chatter, thus releasing grief, fears, loneliness, or despair left over from earlier experiences.
1/2 ounce bottle ~ $15.00 each.